Who is Rolly G. by Martins Jacob of Fauvism Art

Rolly G is a self-taught artist whose work embodies a personality of its own. Combining his canvas paintings with digital art Rolly G’s use of colour and technology has shown to be incredibly tasteful. With every new piece created is a new message he wants to share.

Rolly G is very conscious about trying to get an emotion or idea across to his audience. Rolly G expressed how he felt about his creations by stating, “I believe that art is not what you see, but what you make others see. In art, imagination is your limit and  every day is a canvas waiting to be painted.”


Below are two pieces created over the past year along with a brief description of the inspiration and the message of the works.


Painting 1: Colores de la Vida (16” x 20” canvas – Fluid Abstract) – Sept.24, 2017

The title of this piece is Colores de la Vida which literally means, “The Colours of life”. In life, we may have different races, religion and ethnicity but we are all one in the eyes of our Almighty God. When we combine all the colours together as we unite all the people around the world, we are a masterpiece.

I’ve been seeing some artists doing fluid art, I got inspired to try and make my own version. I added some vibrant colours to make it more attractive and to showcase how different colours blends with each other to create an “Ocean of Colour” effect.


Painting 2: Girl in the Rain (16” x 20”) – May 12, 2017

Rain is always associated with tears, struggles or challenges. In this painting, she uses an umbrella to protect herself from getting wet. The millennial girls are now more empowered and strong that no matter what challenges or struggles they encounter, they rise up and combat these trials and obstacles in life. This painting shows positivity (see the vibrant background colours) and this is a celebration of women’s empowerment across the globe.

For this particular painting, I would like to give full credit to “The Art Sherpa” as I was inspired by her concept about this “Girl In The Rain” so I decided to make my own version.



We were able to get a really quick yet informative Q&A with Rolly G:


Q: Who are you as an Artist?

A: I am from the Philippines but now living in the United States for more than two years now. I have never attended any formal training or lesson about painting. I never imagined that I can actually paint until I started buying painting materials, from acrylic paints, brushes to canvases. I am a newbie in this field and I am more on the contemporary style of art. The first painting I did came out pretty well and I got inspired to do more and try different approaches and mediums.


Q: Who are your influences?

A: They are basically those artists that I follow on Instagram. Instagram is my favourite social media platform where I meet new and experienced artists worldwide.


Q: What is Colour to you?

A: Colour for me is life! Without colours, the world would be a dull and boring place to live. Colours create such a great impact in human life. We describe a person’s preferences or lifestyle through colours, a person’s emotions or feelings can be expressed through colours too. Indeed, colours are significant in our daily life. In painting, you can relate the artist’s message through his use of colours. I believe that with art we can make the world great again and may our Artists fill the world with Colours and Love.


Instagram: @artbyrollyg

Facebook Page: Art by Rolly G.

Twitter: @iamrollyg

Website: www.rollygblog.wordpress.com


The Colors of the World

“El Arte Del Color” by Rolly G.

Whenever we see a rainbow in the sky, we always feel happy and excited. In fact, most of us would utter in an exhilarated way “Hey, there’s a rainbow!”

The colors of a rainbow are light, fresh and happy and since they are so rare, they evoke a sense of awe and charm in addition to bringing the promise of golden sunshine with the blue sky usually on the horizon.

Let us revisit the 7 colors of the rainbow and let us understand what each one represents. We can simply remember the orders of the 7 colors thru this:


  • Red– This is the first color of the rainbow from top. Red signifies passion, vitality, enthusiasm and security. It is the light with the longest wavelength.
  • Orange– This light or color is a combination of yellow and red. It is a dynamic color representing creativity, practicality, playfulness as well as equilibrium or control.
  • Yellow– This is the color of the sunshine itself. It represents clarity of thought, wisdom, orderliness and energy.
  • Green– This is the middle color of the rainbow and denotes fertility, growth, balance, health and wealth.
  • Blue– This the fifth color of the rainbow which makes us think of the Unknown. The sky and the wide oceans are in this color and hence it has been associated with Spirituality and Divinity.
  • Indigo– It is believed that where Blue is calming, Indigo is sedating. Indigo is mystical as it bridges the Gap between Finite and Infinite. Indigo colored gem stones are often used for spiritual attainment, psychic abilities, self-awareness and enhancement of Intuition.
  • Violet– The last color of the rainbow is a mix of red and blue. It is considered the highest element of spirituality. It can ignite one’s imagination and be an inspiration to artists🎨. Dark tones of violet are associated with sorrow. Deeper shades of violet or purple denote high spiritual mastery.

Hence, the 7 colors of the rainbow are not only a thing of beauty that our eyes can enjoy but also it has some meanings and specific functions and purpose.

Each color we see around us has a significant representation. Whatever color you choose, whatever matches your personality or which color you think will make your day bright, it really doesn’t matter. After all, we are all equal in terms of our preferences and choices we do.

As an artist, I use diverse colors to create an art from my imagination putting it into the canvas and making it come to life. I can’t imagine life without colors because ultimately I would say Colors = Life.

Let’s make the world great again and may our Arts fill the world with Colors and Love.

Wishing you a magical day!

– Rolly G.-

Home, Furniture & Art


Title of painting: 2-Piece Cherry Blossom by Rolly G.


With the importance of having a place called HOME, many people are choosing to invest in furniture, which offers many benefits; such as providing comfort, a neat and organize room, setting perfect ambience and accentuate your lifestyle. Fortunately, choosing the perfect furniture for your Home is now as easy as A-B-C! With the wide range of selections in the market today, you can definitely pick one that best suit your taste and showcase your personality.


living room design 3

Title of painting: The Cherry Blossom by Rolly G.

When furnishing your FIRST house, there can be an overwhelming urge to rush out to the nearest chain store or go online and blow your budget outfitting the whole place. Keep calm and resist that temptation. As strenuous as it may be, PACE YOURSELF! Spending more time and more money on fewer items now will pay off later. Instead of using your budget on items that will go to rack and ruin, invest in quality items that you can you use almost for a lifetime! It’s good to think of how you can use your furniture now and how you can use it later. You want the piece to have a sentimental value and grow with you, so it needs to be timeless and multipurpose.

Before flumping down your cash card for a piece of furniture, PAUSE and ask yourself: Do I love it? Will I still love it in the next five years? Is it sturdy? Is it not flimsy? Is it too trendy? Is it versatile? Or is it WORTH IT? Be reminded that it is not necessary to buy your “FOREVER” furniture right away or all at once. The following list is meant to be used as a guide as you plot your course. When it comes to buying furniture, spending your time and money slowly but surely is your KEY to long term success.

There are many great deals to shop around. Keep yourself alert and know exactly what you are looking for. Scour yard sales, estate sales, flea markets, antiques shops and auctions for basics and one-of-a-kind treasures, are your many options. Go to a few, just look and explore, but don’t buy! . . . Get a feel for what you like, what things cost, what they are called, then hit the markets with whatever cash you have. Now, this makes sense! And don’t forget to keep your individual style in mind. The furniture and accessories that showcase your personality will make your home ideal and perfect!

Here are some of the great picks for the best investment pieces:

1. Sofa

You’re going to use it forever, so buy something good with really durable fabric. Just don’t get it in a print. A plain, neutral fabric may seem boring now, but you’ll be happy with the choice down the road as your tastes and color preferences change. Swapping pillows or wall color is easier and less expensive than having a sofa reupholstered or buying a new one. Even if a small-scale sofa is all you have room for right now, resist the urge to skimp on quality. Something small can be a comfortable companion in a guest room or office space when you upgrade to a larger space.

living room design

Title of painting: A Walk in the Rain by Rolly G.

TIPS: Spend a little more for a sofa with a stain resistant fabric

2. & 3. Chest of drawers

A Chest of drawers is such a universal piece of furniture. It can be an entry hall table, anchor a living room or double as a wet bar and is an excellent bedside table or place to rest a TV. It can also be moved into a closet for extra storage. A smaller-scale bachelor’s chest is also versatile and more portable. It can go in a smaller front hallway with a lamp and a tray for mail on top, in a living room flanked by two chairs or next to a bed.


Title of painting: Abstract City Skyline by Rolly G.

TIPS: For the bachelor’s chest, look for a piece that isn’t too deep, so it can function in the narrowest of spaces; less than 20-inches is ideal.

4. Lighting

A light fixture can alter the feel of the room, especially in a small space. Every room should have a multiple sources of light, including table lamps, floor lamps and sconces, even if you have a ceiling fixture. But stick with your basic needs first. Lamps are to a room as jewelry is to an outfit! So go BOLD and have FUN.


Title of painting: Prima Ballerina by Rolly G.

TIPS: Antiques shops (online or physical storefronts) are the best sources of lightings. They won’t always come cheap, but you are most likely to find a vintage lamp that’s very well made, unique and beautiful for little more than the price of regular store-bought ones.

5. Original Art Framed posters are quite obsolete now, it is a thing from the past. Instead, start building an art collection. Works by student and other undiscovered artists are original and affordable. Buy several smaller pieces to hang together, or save for one or two for large statement pieces. “Good art hung over an Ikea sofa will make [the sofa] look like a million dollars.” – Now, this sounds great!

living room design2

Title of painting: City Skyline by Rolly G.

TIPS: Affordable, original art can be found at local art schools or go search online (Instagram: @paintingsbyrollyg | Facebook: Paintings by Rolly G)

6. Desk

Everyone needs a designated place to keep a laptop and writing utensils, check emails and sort bills. A desk can also be used as a bedside table, a console table (add lamps), an entry table (tuck stools beneath for extra seating) or a dressing table. In a pinch (and with the help of a table cloth), a desk can even serve as a small dining or buffet table.


Title of painting: Rhythm of the poppies by Rolly G.

TIPS: Hide unsightly computer components and wires by having a tailored table skirt made. Use a colorful pattern fabric for more punch and vibrancy.

7. Bed

When you receive a diploma, you also graduate from the land of futons. An upholstered headboard is a classic piece that doesn’t take much space, so it’s a sensible option for smaller studio and will also work well in a large master bedroom down the road.

bedroom design 2

Title of painting: Lovers in the Rain by Rolly G.

TIPS: Have several slipcovers made in different colors or patterns to change the look of your headboard (and your entire room) in an instant, depending on your mood or theme of the month.

8. Leather club chair

A good leather club chair will stand the test of time and only get better with age and use. Choose a classic style, and a leather chair can work in a contemporary or traditional setting and in many rooms, including a family room, living room, bedroom and home office. Look for a chair made by manufacturer with a reputation of good quality and high standard.


Title of painting: The Flowers by Rolly G.

TIPS: Avoid leather chairs that are too trendy or too distinct in style because they won’t be as versatile later on. Light-colored leather or dyed leather may not be the best choice.

9. Dining table

A dining table that can have multiple uses in smaller spaces (a place to eat, work and entertain) will also serve you well when you move. If you get a pedestal table now, it can be used as a center hall table in your next house. Or a game table in a great room or a kitchen table. Depending on what size and style you choose, a dining table can add the “X” factor in your temporary place.

dining design

Title of painting: Spoon, Fork & Knife by Rolly G.

TIPS: Check for outlets that offers discount up to 60% off the suggested price.

final closing pic

Title of painting: Life in Abstract by Rolly G.