The Essence of a Woman

Essence of a Woman

The Essence of a Woman

“Explore her, not exploit her”

By Rolly G.


There’s something magical about woman

That we should appreciate as a man

They embodies confidence and elegance

That we must always take a glance


Every woman is a gift

They deserve to be uplift

They soar high in pedestal

And shines bright above all


The essence of a woman

Is more than just her face and body

A woman’s essence can be seen

More than just the eye


A woman is a gift from God

Never treat them like an odd

A woman’s beauty and style

Will always make you smile


Each woman is unique

We must not critique

Their heart is pure

It is rich and not poor


A woman’s essence

Is of great sense

The true meaning of it

Can only be felt by heart


Hats off to all women

A salute from all men

We will explore her

And never exploit her


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