Who is Rolly G. by Martins Jacob of Fauvism Art

Rolly G is a self-taught artist whose work embodies a personality of its own. Combining his canvas paintings with digital art Rolly G’s use of colour and technology has shown to be incredibly tasteful. With every new piece created is a new message he wants to share.

Rolly G is very conscious about trying to get an emotion or idea across to his audience. Rolly G expressed how he felt about his creations by stating, “I believe that art is not what you see, but what you make others see. In art, imagination is your limit and  every day is a canvas waiting to be painted.”


Below are two pieces created over the past year along with a brief description of the inspiration and the message of the works.


Painting 1: Colores de la Vida (16” x 20” canvas – Fluid Abstract) – Sept.24, 2017

The title of this piece is Colores de la Vida which literally means, “The Colours of life”. In life, we may have different races, religion and ethnicity but we are all one in the eyes of our Almighty God. When we combine all the colours together as we unite all the people around the world, we are a masterpiece.

I’ve been seeing some artists doing fluid art, I got inspired to try and make my own version. I added some vibrant colours to make it more attractive and to showcase how different colours blends with each other to create an “Ocean of Colour” effect.


Painting 2: Girl in the Rain (16” x 20”) – May 12, 2017

Rain is always associated with tears, struggles or challenges. In this painting, she uses an umbrella to protect herself from getting wet. The millennial girls are now more empowered and strong that no matter what challenges or struggles they encounter, they rise up and combat these trials and obstacles in life. This painting shows positivity (see the vibrant background colours) and this is a celebration of women’s empowerment across the globe.

For this particular painting, I would like to give full credit to “The Art Sherpa” as I was inspired by her concept about this “Girl In The Rain” so I decided to make my own version.



We were able to get a really quick yet informative Q&A with Rolly G:


Q: Who are you as an Artist?

A: I am from the Philippines but now living in the United States for more than two years now. I have never attended any formal training or lesson about painting. I never imagined that I can actually paint until I started buying painting materials, from acrylic paints, brushes to canvases. I am a newbie in this field and I am more on the contemporary style of art. The first painting I did came out pretty well and I got inspired to do more and try different approaches and mediums.


Q: Who are your influences?

A: They are basically those artists that I follow on Instagram. Instagram is my favourite social media platform where I meet new and experienced artists worldwide.


Q: What is Colour to you?

A: Colour for me is life! Without colours, the world would be a dull and boring place to live. Colours create such a great impact in human life. We describe a person’s preferences or lifestyle through colours, a person’s emotions or feelings can be expressed through colours too. Indeed, colours are significant in our daily life. In painting, you can relate the artist’s message through his use of colours. I believe that with art we can make the world great again and may our Artists fill the world with Colours and Love.


Instagram: @artbyrollyg

Facebook Page: Art by Rolly G.

Twitter: @iamrollyg

Website: www.rollygblog.wordpress.com


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