Love lift us up (Where we belong)

Love lift us up where we belong

The collaboration of Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes for the song entitled “Love lift us up (Where we belong) is a very popular soundtrack back in 1982 for the movie “An officer and a gentleman.”

The message of this song is very strong. The first lyrics of the song that says “Who knows what tomorrow brings, in a world few hearts survive.” Indeed, we don’t know what tomorrow brings, but we need to keep the faith that tomorrow is another great day for us.

“The road is long, there are mountains in our way but we climb a step every day.” Our journey called life is long, we experience drawbacks but we must continue to move forward and go on with life despite the challenges and pitfall that comes our way.

This song’s message is about the love, peace, forbearance & connectedness between all humankind.

Life is arduous and filled with adversity, but we can make it better when there is love for one another and this love will lift us up WHERE WE BELONG.

Let us not look back for what has happened is over and there is nothing we can do to change it, rather, let’s move forward so we can change the future. For what matters most is the present moment because that’s all what we’ve got and there’s a lot to look forward to.

Keep the faith and keep the love within us!

-Rolly G.-


The Essence of a Woman

Essence of a Woman

The Essence of a Woman

“Explore her, not exploit her”

By Rolly G.


There’s something magical about woman

That we should appreciate as a man

They embodies confidence and elegance

That we must always take a glance


Every woman is a gift

They deserve to be uplift

They soar high in pedestal

And shines bright above all


The essence of a woman

Is more than just her face and body

A woman’s essence can be seen

More than just the eye


A woman is a gift from God

Never treat them like an odd

A woman’s beauty and style

Will always make you smile


Each woman is unique

We must not critique

Their heart is pure

It is rich and not poor


A woman’s essence

Is of great sense

The true meaning of it

Can only be felt by heart


Hats off to all women

A salute from all men

We will explore her

And never exploit her

Life is an Abstract


Sometimes we don’t understand the things that happens in our life. Life maybe just purely black. No light, full of darkness and misery.

But we should not stop moving on and moving forward. We may experience darkness, challenges and struggles, but we must have the strength to combat these barriers in life.

In this painting, you can see a black background that represents the darkness in life. However, I added some colors on these paintings to show that there is hope and light despite all the challenges we may meet in our journey called LIFE!

Keep going and never give up!